This photograph of Strandhill beach was taken about 15 minutes after sunset on a wet evening in May 2011. It was shot from north end of the beach (close to Killaspugbrone) looking back towards Strandhill village.  It is a panorama photograph whereby 7 individual photographs were stitched together to form a single image.

Strandhill is a seaside resort on the western tip of the Coolera peninsula in Sligo. In recent years surfing has become a major draw to Strandhill and the beach is now considered one of the major European surf hotspots.

The 'Big Gun' is a name given to a large canon which sits on the promenade at Strandhill pointing out to the Atlantic. It was placed there in 1920 by Benjamin Murrow who purchased lands in Strandhill in 1895. From 1921 until the mid 20's a marathon race started from the 'Big Gun' to just outside Gurteen, Co. Sligo. The race was called the Morren Marathon.

Since 1985 the 'Big Gun' has been the starting point of the hugely popular Warrior's Run. Held every year in August, runners follow a 15km route which takes them from the beachfront at Strandhill, up Knocknarea, around Queen Medb's cairn on the top of the mountain and back down to the canon at Strandhill again.

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