Twilight at Roundstone Harbour

This panorama photograph of Roundstone Harbour was taken after sunset on a December evening in 2009.   It is made up of six individual photographs stitched together to form one image.

Roundstone lies at the mouth of Bertraghboy Bay and is beautifully set overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at the foot of Errisbeg Mountain. It is one of the most stunning harbour villages in Connemara.

The village was founded in the mid 1820's by a Scottish engineer Alexander Nimmo working for the Western District and was settled by Scottish fishermen. Roundstone derives its name from the Irish "Cloch Na Ron" or Rock of the Seals.

One of the longest running maritime festivals in the West of Ireland, The Roundstone Regatta is held in the village each year when Galway Hookers and currachs race across Bertraghboy Bay.

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