This photograph of the Kylemore Abbey was taken late in the evening on a crisp afternoon in December 2009. Kylemore Abbey is nestled into the Kylemore Pass in Connemara, Co. Galway. The name Kylemore originates from the Irish 'Coill Mhor' which means Great Wood.

The Abbey was built in 1868 by Mitchell Henry, a wealthy politician from Manchester, who was also MP for Galway County from 1871 to 1885. After fleeing war-torn torn Belgium during the First World War, the Benedictine nuns purchased the Abbey in 1920.  The Benedictine nuns ran the Abbey as a secondary school but it closed to students in 2010. However Kylemore Abbey, Gardens and visitor centre  remain on as one of the premier tourist attractions in the West of Ireland.

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