Shrule Castle – front view

This photo of Shrule Castle was taken in March 2008. It was taken facing the front of the castle and looking West back towards the village of Shrule. Shrule Castle was built on the Mayo/Galway border by the Norman deBurgo family of Galway in 1238. In the early 17th century the castle fell into hands of Richard Burke, the Earl of Clanricarde who leased it to Pierce Lynch, who was mayor of Galway City from 1615-17.

In 1642, after a violent uprising the previous year, a large group of English Protestant settlers lead by Dr. John Maxwell, the Protestant bishop of Killala, surrendered to the Catholic forces in Castlebar and were later lead to the castle at Shrule. What followed was to become know as the 'Shrule Massacre' when scores of the settlers were killed by their Catholic escort duty. Some survivors of the massacre were taken to Ross Errilly Friary in Headford, Co. Galway where they were cared for by the monks.

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