Winter Morning at Doorly Park

Doorly Park is an semi wild park that runs along the Garavoue River as it flows from Lough Gill towards the sea just 2 miles away (The Garavoue is said to the shortest river in Ireland).

The park itself is only 10 minute walk from Sligo town centre and has stunning views of Benbulben and the Kings Mountain range. The park was originally a wetland (and much of it still is) but was landscaped by Colonel W.G Woodmartin in the 19th Century. He excavated a series of ponds and planted some of the more drier parts of the park with a number of species including oak and scots pine. The park was later named after a previous bishop of Elphin, Dr Edward Doorly.

I have been looking to take a panorama photograph here for some time, the extent of the views on offer are impressive. On this particular morning the reeds were vibrantly lit by the low winter sun and caught my eye. The snow dusting on the mountains helps to give the photo a crisp fresh feel.

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